Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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We’ve had a busy few days again, hence no posts. Among the recent entries were several that did not make it, all dying very shortly after arrival, like the little hog in the image below.

She had very bad flystrike, and was covered in maggots that were eating away at her abdomen. She has several infected bite wounds, and her little body could not cope and closed down.

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Louis came in to us on a very wet and windy night last week, very cold, dehydrated and lethargic, weighing 300g.

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Trapped in a net

This hog came to us after being trapped in pond netting and was partially submerged in the pond.

It was cut out of the netting and brought home to cut away the rest of the netting. The hog was very cold, so was placed on a heat pad while I cut it free.

It was given subcutaneous fluids for shock and dehydration, and it was placed in one of the ICU’s to warm up.

There were no obvious signs of injury, so it will be released once it’s had time to recover from the shock of it’s ordeal.

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Button was brought to us after being found collapsed on a driveway. She was taken to the Vets as we are very concerned for her. She has swelling all down her right side, from her eye to her tail, including her legs, and has severe bruising. She was x-rayed but no breaks were found thankfully. It is possible that she has some brain trauma, and we will have to wait and see how that develops.

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