Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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A couple more entries with flystrike, one probably the worst we’ve had. I’ll be glad when winter gets here so there won’t be so many flies about. I hate the bloody things, them and ticks – what is the point of them?

1 x juvenile male hedgehog found by builders trapped in a cavity wall of a new building extension. Dehydrated, and shocked, small amount of flystrike. Given s/c fluids, flystrike cleaned and treated, placed into ICU.

1 x adult male hedgehog with severe bite wounds to face and head, right ear and large part of scalp hanging off, emaciated and completely dehydrated. Being eaten alive by maggots all over his head and body. Died within minutes of arrival. Nasty video of adult maggots on the head of this poor hog below – none of wound as too graphic.

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