Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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We had a very busy evening yesterday, some very poorly casualties came in, one of which has died overnight, and we had a search party going on.

A worried resident contacted us stating that contractors were clearing the trees and undergrowth from around a community garden, and they knew there were hedgehogs living there, as they liked to watch them come and go.

The resident had spoken to the men doing the works, and been in touch with the local council, who the work is being done for/by, and their response was basically that the contractors have a job to do, and looking out for hedgehogs and other wildlife was not part of it!

Peter Hawkins came along with his thermal imaging camera to help in the search, and after some time, two adult hogs were found. These have now been removed from the garden for their own safety, and will be returned to the area once the work has been completed in the next few days.

Thank you to Peter Hawkins for helping with his thermal image camera, and to Andrew for contacting us.


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