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Harvest mites

We had this 311g juvenile male hog brought to us from Blandford this evening.

He was covered in flystrike, ticks and harvest mites. He was also badly dehydrated and emaciated, his skin looked several sizes to big for the poor little fella.

The flystrike has been cleaned off, as many ticks as possible removed, and a spot-on used to clear the mites and any remaining ticks etc.

He has has subcutaneous fluids and is now in one of the incubators eating like mad.

He has a fair bit of rash from the harvest mites, but hopefully that will heal once the mites die and drop off him.

Many thanks to Deborah, one of Wildlife in Needs volunteer drivers, for collecting the hog and delivering him to us.

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This poor old fella came to us Friday afternoon, he was found wandering around in circles.

Upon examination, we found that both his eyes are missing, with small wounds around the area, which suggests that birds have pecked his eyes out .

He does have a respiratory infection, which could explain why he would have been out in daytime and was able to be attacked.

Hogs like this cause us ethical and moral issues – do we keep him alive to live in permanent captivity, all be it in an enclosed garden, or do we have him put to sleep.

We’ll have to sleep on this one, poor bugger.

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Update on Lizzie – vet has confirmed she has had some sort of blow to the head, and is suffering with concussion. Her eye has fully closed now, but we have to wait to see how it develops, hopefully the swelling will go down in a day or two and her eye will be non the worse for wear.

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