Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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One entry late last night;

1 x hoglet aged approx 4 weeks, bitten by a dog. Badly shocked, puncture wounds and dehydrated. Bathed in hibiscrub to remove dog saliva and blood so we could see wounds better. Puncture wounds flushed and treated. Given subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics and pain relief. Placed into one of the ICU’s.

Today (so far);

1 x female hoglet 211g out alone in daylight. Was given subcutaneous fluids fed and placed into a heated cage.

1 x female hedgehog and her 4 x hoglets aged 5 – 7 days old. Discovered in a bag of garden cuttings in a garage. Now safely tucked up in a nursing box with us.

1 x Male hoglet 62g found out alone in daylight. Cold, dehydrated and very hungry! Was given subcutaneous fluids, warmed up in an ICU then fed 2ml of formula, after which he promptly went to sleep. Now in one of the ICU’s.

This little hoglet is our 280th hedgehog for this year so far.

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