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New Hedgehog Ward

What better to be doing on a very wet day than to be sat indoors waiting for an articulated truck to turn up with one of these on – our new hog ward!

Weather dependent, a concrete base will be going down within the next week, and we can then start assembling the building as it comes in kit form.

I will fit electrics etc once built, and we can then move some 50 hogs in, which will give us some of the house back.

I will post photos of the build as we go.

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Dental work

This venerable old lady is back from the vets now, she has had a full dental job including scale and polish.

Her lips are still swollen, as you can see in the photos, and her mouth and gums will be sore for a day or two. She had very bad Gingivitis and plaque, which the vet has sorted for her now.

We need to monitor her food intake for a few days, and take her back to the vet if she is not eating properly in the next couple of days.

She has lost a lot of weight because her mouth has been too sore for her to eat, and needs some feeding up.

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