Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Little Holly came in to us just before Christmas with her sister Ivy. Both were much too small to hibernate, and were suffering with a bad case of ringworm.

Holly has been much slower to recover as she had very thick scabs which were covering badly infected sores on her skin.

We had to soak the scabs off over a period of days, and treat her for the infection. She is having medicated baths every other day, and a medicated spray on the opposite days.

The infection has all but cleared up now, but she has no hair on her face or on her underside. This should start growing back soon and she should be fit and well ready for release in the Spring.

Hedgehogs look so cute with no hair though.

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She has to regrow her hair and spikes above and around the eye, which may take some time, so she will be staying with us for a while yet.

Hedgehogs with sight in only one eye do surprisingly well in the wild, this is due to the fact that they actually have fairly poor eyesight, and find most of their food by smell.

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