Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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New entries

A few entries over the last couple of days;

An adult female hog 660g, Found trapped in a humane rat trap, no idea how long she had been trapped. Dehydrated and thin, very hungry. Feet bleeding where she had been trying to escape. She was given subcutaneous fluids and offered food, which she cleared two bowls of, and had the wounds on her feet treated.

An adult male hedgehog 567g, out during the day, large areas of spike loss due to ringworm. Poo sample shows clear, so he is receiving alternate daily medicated baths and spray for the ringworm.

1 juvenile male hedgehog 380g, out during daytime. Has small wounds on his face, possibly due to rat bites, and some ticks. Poo sample shows clear, so possibly out searching for food. Too small to hibernate, so is enjoying 5 star food and accommodation with us.

We passed two hogs on to other rescues today, them being much closer than us – one 240g hedgehog passed on to a rescue in Dorchester, and another hog from Bransgore passed on to New Milton Hedgehog Rescue.

Please leave some cat biscuits and a bowl of clean water out for any hogs that may be searching for food, as their natural forage is very limited at this time of year.

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