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Prolapse recovery

Remember William, the hog with the prolapsed anus? He’s made a brilliant recovery, and his bum looks good as new lol.

Since he’s been here, he’s doubled his weight, eats well and toilets as normal, which is great.

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  1. Hi – I am a hedgehog rescue in Burwell Cambridgeshire and had a horrific looking prolapse come in to me yesterday . It was a young one, 145g.
    I noticed tape worm along the prolapse and got onto my vet to book in today . However the prolapse has healed itself? Completely! I just lubricated it in prep for surgery today.
    In your experience have you always gone down the surgical route?
    I treated with panacur which I will do for 3 days then repeat in a week.
    Have you ever come across this before?
    Seems bright and eating etc.

    Thank you in advance!

    Amber (Burwell Hedgehog Rehab)
    Would love to hear from you.

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