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Puzzles update

Puzzles is living up to his name, and proving to be a proper little conundrum. He is still very inactive, and quite listless, so he was taken to the out of hours vets last night for a check over, in case we had missed something.

The vets found nothing, and believes the same as we do, that he has come into contact with a caustic substance. If he has licked his feet he may have ingested some, but there were no burns or sores in or around his mouth.

The vet gave him a stronger pain killer injection and more antibiotics. We will continue to give him subcutaneous fluids and antibiotics etc, and he is already booked in to see our usual vets at Upton on Wednesday.

His feet have been bathed again, and cream applied for the sores – his skin is peeling off in lumps now, poor bugger.

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