Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

A couple of new entries;

A couple of new entries;

1 x female juvenile hog, 278g. Found out in daytime, staggering around in circles. She was quite dehydrated and has an injury to the bridge of her nose and right eye.

I got quite a bit of pus out of the wound on her nose (you can see the swelling in the photo) and flushed it out, so it is nice and clean now. She has had subcutaneous fluids and is now in a cage with food and water.

1 x adult male hog, 578g. Out during daytime with lots of ticks on his face and head. He has broken spines and blood on him – I suspect he’s been grabbed by a dog as there are no apparent injuries to the hog (the blood is probably from the dogs mouth). We have removed several ticks, but there are still some to get off. He has had subcutaneous fluids for shock and dehydration and is now in a cage with food and water.

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Ours has been spent mostly picking off flystrike from the many hogs who have come in over the weekend, hence not so many updates recently.

Please remember if you are doing any gardening or DIY in your gardens, look out for hedgehogs and in particular nests of babies. They may be under a shrub, a shed, decking, behind plant pots and even under the tarpaulin covers of garden furniture or bar-b-ques.

If you happen to disturb a nest, please cover it over again and give us a call for advice. We are here 24/7 on 07587 925476

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