Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

3 more entries this afternoon;

3 more entries this afternoon;

1 adult male hog 800g
1 adult female hog 676g
1 male adult hog 649g

All 3 were found hibernating at the back of a shed that was being cleared out, huddled together in hay that had been left under a guinea pig cage.

One is now awake, but the other 2 are still asleep. The hogs could not be left where they were, or relocated due to the location (and dogs in the garden), so it was felt best to bring them in and put them into our hibernation cages.

One of them has had it’s spines chewed by rats while it was asleep – we see this quite often now.

They should all be fine, and will be released once they are awake.

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