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Up a flight of stairs

Another new entry this morning, a young adult male hog, 412g, found up a flight of stairs in a block of flats this morning. Quite wobbly and disorientated.

This little hog was quite dehydrated, flat and his eyes were sunken. He was also fairly cold. This chap has probably just come out of hibernation and was desperate for food and water.

We gave him warm subcutaneous fluids and have put him into an ICU to warm up, with food and water available.

Many thanks to Katie Crawford for collecting this little fella and dropping him off to us.

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This poor old fella came to us Friday afternoon, he was found wandering around in circles.

Upon examination, we found that both his eyes are missing, with small wounds around the area, which suggests that birds have pecked his eyes out .

He does have a respiratory infection, which could explain why he would have been out in daytime and was able to be attacked.

Hogs like this cause us ethical and moral issues – do we keep him alive to live in permanent captivity, all be it in an enclosed garden, or do we have him put to sleep.

We’ll have to sleep on this one, poor bugger.

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