Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Skin Mites

This is another hog that has come out of hibernation in a poor state. He came in yesterday from Corfe Mullen, weighing 572g, after being found laying out during the daytime.

He was very dehydrated and has skin mites and ringworm. He was given subcutaneous fluids and a topical application to treat the mites.

You can see from the photos that his feet are very red and sore, with bleeding from the pores. He will need bathing in a special medication to help clear the ringworm and soothe his skin.

He has had a second dose of subcutaneous fluids today, as he is still very flat, but he is slightly more reactive today than he was yesterday.

He did not eat much overnight, but we hope he will take some food today, as he will need energy to help fight off any infection the mite infestation may have given him, and any internal parasites he may have.

We will check for internal parasites once he produces a poo that we can then check under the microscope.

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