Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Busy period

We’ve been massively busy the past week, with lots going on – making preparations for releasing hogs, micro-chipping hogs (60 so far) for ongoing studies, dealing with new entries and the general day-to-day cleaning and care for the hogs still here.

We have released a lot of hogs back to where they came from, and some have been released direct by some of our foster carers for us. Over 50 have been released in the last week, and that’s a lot of getting ready and running around – believe me.

We are still taking new entries, with a handful every day for the last week, some of them very poorly. We had one die within an hour or so of arrival yesterday.

This poor old chap, now called Greg, arrived a short while ago from Blandford. He was found laying out in the sun earlier, quite unresponsive. Though a good weight, 723g, he has obviously gone into hibernation not in the best of health.

He is very dehydrated and we can feel the crackling in his lungs. He is breathing hard, and has a very runny nose. He is barely reacting at the moment. We have given him a large dose of subcutaneous fluids, and a Bronchodilator & mucolytic injection to hopefully ease his breathing a bit.

Sadly though, I think this old boy might be on his last lap.

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