Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Very poorly hog

Another very poorly hog in this morning. An adult male, 828g, in from Wareham after being found out during the day. He has a massive wound on his back that was absolutely full of maggots.

He was given subcutaneous fluids and the maggots were treated with a special spray to kill them, then the maggots were removed with our suction machine.

The wound was given a thorough flushing and washed with antibacterial solution. He has had antibiotic and pain relief injections and is now in an ICU. He is not very responsive, and in a bad way.

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Colin’s release

Last night we said a fond but tearful farewell to Colin, the hog we have in our care longer than any other.

He came to us as a juvenile aged approx 4-5 months on the evening of 23rd August 2018, after being trapped between two brick walls below ground level for five days. He appeared to have walked along or climbed over a garden wall and fallen into the 6inch gap behind, trapping him against a garage wall. In that time he had tried frantically to climb out, but at a depth of around 3ft below the garden level this was impossible. The frantic scratching to climb out resulted in him losing all the claws on his front feet and the tip of some of the toes.

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