Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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This is Eleanor, an adult female hog, 658g, that came to us on Friday after being seen in the finders garden, covered in ticks, limping and has a nasty smell.

On examination, we found that her right hind leg was completely torn off at the hip – a very classic sign of a fox attack. She also has ringworm and mites, skin in very poor condition.

Luckily the leg wound was fresh, and only very slightly infected. The whole area was cleaned and flushed and treated with an anti-microbial barrier cream to keep down any infection.

She was given subcutaneous fluids, antibiotic and pain relief injections and had a million ticks removed! This poor hog must have had the most ticks we’ve ever seen, it took us three session of a couple of hours each picking ticks off, and we are still finding them.

She was given a bath in an antibacterial shampoo with insecticide to treat the mites, and her skin is looking a lot better already.

She is in an ICU, and is eating and drinking well. I’m sure she must feel better with having all those ticks and mites removed. We are continuing with a treatment regime of injections and cleaning of the wound area to make sure any infection does not get a hold.

She is a sweet hog, and tolerates her treatment quite well – I’m sure they know we are helping them sometimes.

We hope she makes a full recovery, and go on to live a happy life in semi release.

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