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Releasing hogs during lockdown

We have released almost 100 hedgehogs back to their finders over the last two weeks and now have less than 80 to go. Most of which will be released within the next two weeks. With lockdown upon us, it has been a logistical problem, which most finders have worked around by collecting their hogs on the way home from shopping or other essential journeys.

Here is Sammy just prior to his release a few days ago. He came to us as a tiny autumn hoglet weighing just 217g at the end of October 2019. After being with one of our foster carers for several months, his release weight was just over 1kilo (1003g)!

As he could not return to his original area, he was released by Brenda and Emma into Emma’s garden, along with the 4 female hedgehogs they fostered for us over winter. With four girls for company, I’m sure he will be very happy.

Thank you to all our team of foster carers for helping us through an extremely busy winter. We could not have taken in over 200 hedgehogs across the winter months without their help and support. By fostering out some of the slightly older juveniles, it meant we did not have to close our doors to new entries as the winter progressed. It’s been a learning curve for us all and almost all fosterers have requested to stay on our list to foster again, which is fantastic!

Good luck to all the released hedgehogs so far and stay away from roads!

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