Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue


This little lass is Millie, a sub-adult female hog, weighing 432g, that came in to us yesterday after being found out in daytime, collapsed on the finders lawn.

She has such a bad respiratory infection that she cannot smell her food, and has therefore been unable to eat on her own. Because of this, we have been syringe feeding her with a mixture of puppy mouse and critical care/oralade, which as you can see, she has been wolfing down.

We have given her subcutaneous fluids and a Bronchodilator & Mucolytic injection to aid her breathing. She will be having regular sessions in the nebuliser, which will also aid her breathing.

Once she produces a poo I’ll check a sample under the microscope to check for internal parasites, which she will be treated for if any are found.

She remains under close observation in one of the ICU’s, and will probably need to stay in one for at least a week.

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