Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Broken jaw

We’ve had a proper rubbish afternoon, with several really poorly and injured hogs coming in, some which went straight to the vets for euthanasia, including this young adult male with a broken upper jaw.

The roof of the mouth was also broken, and the poor hog was breathing through the crack in the roof of his mouth.

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Blandford hog

This 178g male hoglet came in to us today from Blandford. He was very dehydrated, covered in flystrike, including maggots,

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Infected wound

We’ve had quite a busy weekend, with several injured hogs coming in, including this poor male. He was covered in flystrike and has a horribly infected wound.

The wound has been flushed out by the vet, and he is on strong antibiotics to (hopefully) clear up the infection.

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