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More released hogs

Two more of our bravest boys were released a few days ago.

Samson came to us as a juvenile from a building site in late July, 2019. He had been found by builders at the bottom of a deep hole, which had been dug for the foundations of a new building.

Along with cuts and bruises, he also had a hairline fracture in his pelvis. This took many months to heal, and for him to be able to walk properly. He over wintered with us and hibernated for the coldest months.

He is left with a very slight limp, but is otherwise back to normal.

Wilf was our “blue boxing gloves” boy. He came to us as an adult in August 2019, after he had walked in some highly caustic substance. This caused him to lose all the skin on all four of his feet, as well as the fat pads on his front feet.

From August to end of October he endured twice daily wound cleaning and had his dressings changed. Blue bandages gave him the appearance of wearing boxing gloves.

At every change he just lay on his back with his feet in the air and let us do what we had to do in cleaning and re-bandaging. He knew we were helping him.

Although his front feet have lost the fat pads completely, the regrowth of scar tissue skin has not hampered his ability to walk or dig.

He too hibernated with us and having spent a few weeks extra with us in a large outdoor pen to ensure his feet were up to walking on rough ground, he was finally ready for release.

Both these brave little hedgehogs were released together into a wildlife friendly garden, created with hedgehogs in mind. They will have nest boxes and food available and it is hoped they will stay around, although of course they are free to go wherever they chose.

Thank you to Julie March for taking these boys, along with the others kindly released for us. After so many months of intensive treatment and care, it is difficult to let them go, but go they must.

Stay safe out there boys!

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