Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Captain Tom

This male hog, 536g (named Capt. Tom by the finder) came in to us this morning, has the signs of an absolutely classic fox attack – you can see where the fox has grabbed a back foot, tearing off a toe, and the leg has been stretched so far it has almost been ripped off leaving a large, deep, infected hole. There will probably be some ligament/tendon damage.

Luckily the leg is not broken and, mainly as it it cool and wet, there is no flystrike. Wound has been flushed and packed with F10 antibacterial ointment, pain meds and antibiotics given along with s/c fluids.

Hog was very cold and wet, and is in an ICU now, but we are hopeful of a full recovery.

Hog was found by a district nurse on her rounds this morning, and she brought it straight over to us.

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