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Log Cabin Donation

At the start of the year, we were contacted by Kestrel Liner Agencies who wanted to know if they could support our rescue by way of a donation, and if so, what did we need. As it happens, we were looking at raising funds for a large shed/log cabin to house hedgehogs in. Nicki from Kestrel agreed that they would fund the purchase of the shed, and also pay for the groundworks to be done for the shed.

The shed was delivered by an artic truck, and unloaded with a Moffat fork lift and placed on our frontage. If you recall, the weather in February was awful, so we had to wait some time for the weather to give us a window for the groundworks to be done. The groundworks were done by Castlemain Groundworks over a weekend when the weather was fairly dry. After waiting for the concrete base to set and harden, I started the big build. The log cabin was made up of slot together logs, and went up fairly quickly. I did have to wait for more decent weather so I could get the roof on – it was quite windy for several weeks and I didn’t want a partially built roof blowing away!

Finally we had some good weather and the roof was completed, and the roof was covered in felt shingles. The weather was quite bad and windy again while I was finishing off the roof, and we lost a few shingles to the wind. Luckily there were spares in the kit, so I was able to make good the damage.

The inside was painted in white to make it bright as there were no windows in this cabin, only the top half of the doors being glazed. I then fitted the electrics and the floor was laid and painted. Kitchen base units and top cupboards were then assembled and fitted. I found a small problem in that the bits I bought for my router to trim the worktops did not fit my router chuck, so a new chuck was ordered. I still have to trim the worktops and fit the finishing strips, but that can wait.

We were able to move 50 hedgehogs into the log cabin which made a massive difference to the way we work, and cut the time for cleaning etc down significantly.

The outside of the log cabin still needs treating with wood preservative and painting, but that can be done at some point in the future – we are just too busy with hand rearing hoglets on two hourly feeds to worry about that at the moment.

This log cabin has made a tremendous difference to us as we now have the majority of the hogs in one place now (with two smaller sheds also in use), with plenty of storage. It is also easy to keep clean. We cannot thank Nicki and Andy Thorne at Kestrel Liners enough, we are so glad they got in contact, and so happy with the log cabin – Thank You!

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