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Yet more orphan hoglets

Yet more hoglets…..

We were contacted yesterday after a man found two tiny hoglets in his garden very early in the morning. They were stone cold and very weak to the point we felt sure one of them would not last the day.

A couple of hours later, his wife phoned to say they had found three more crawling on the garden path. On checking their garden, the nest was found but no sign of the hoglets mother.

They watched throughout the day but mum did not appear, so sadly we were not able to reunite her with the babies.

They weigh between 51g and 77g, with eyes and ears still closed. We estimate them to be around 10 days old, as one of the larger ones looks as if his eyes will open in the next day or two.

They are all still very weak and it is unknown how long they had been without their mother, but for now they are warm, fed and toileted, so fingers crossed for this litter of two brothers and three sisters.

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