Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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This is new mum “Paris”. Several weeks ago she was found running around at a set of traffic lights on the main road outside Lidl at Hamworthy. Anyone who knows that area will appreciate how busy that road is!

The finder managed to stop the traffic and scooped her to safety before bringing her to us.

Paris was very thin, with lots of loose skin and very dehydrated, but otherwise seemed fine. She was put into a nest box to recuperate from her ordeal and we planned to feed her up for a few days before releasing her into a safer area away from roads.

Just days later she gave birth to four hoglets, which given her emaciated appearance was a surprise!

Here she is with three of them. She has three girls and a boy. They have started their weaning process and one of the girls likes to stand in the dish to ensure she gets her fill.

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