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Encounter with a Badger

Rose came to us on 7th June after a very lucky encounter with a badger!

The finder heard a huge scream, and ran outside in her pyjamas to find Rose in the mouth of a badger. The lady went towards the badger, which made it drop the hog. The lady grabbed the hog and took her indoors, chased by the badger who was trying to get in the back door to take it’s prize back!

There was quite a bit of damaged the Rose’s back, and a lot of skin and spike loss.

While in our care, Rose gave birth to two hoglets, which will be released to a different site when they are big enough.

With the correct treatment, Rose’s wounds have healed and her spikes have regrown.

She was released back to the wild yesterday, in a badger free area. One lucky hog!


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The wound above Lizzie’s eye has almost healed now, but the eye is still very cloudy. We are still not sure if she will regain the sight in this eye or not.

She has to regrow her hair and spikes above and around the eye, which may take some time, so she will be staying with us for a while yet.

Hedgehogs with sight in only one eye do surprisingly well in the wild, this is due to the fact that they actually have fairly poor eyesight, and find most of their food by smell.

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