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Five Hoglets

This little bundle of newborn hoglets came to us today, weighing between 16g – 19g. Their nest was disturbed yesterday, and mum took off. She must have been back at some point, as one hoglet is missing (there were 6 originally) and one is badly bruised and has been bitten in several places. This could be due to mum trying to kill the hoglets, having already dispatched one of them.

They have all taken two feeds of approx 0.5ml each now, and have toileted. They were very cold on arrival, but have warmed up nicely in one of our incubators. Time will tell, but we hope they will all pull through – we’ve had hoglets that were very cold die within a day or two of arrival due to problems from having been so cold, and not having been fed by mum. Fingers crossed!

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