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Layla Update

Remember Layla the adult female who came in a few weeks ago with a huge chunk taken out of her face and nose by a strimmer?

Her wounds have now healed nicely, although it has left her with a ZZ TOP style pink scar on her face. She was due to be released last week on Tuesday, but because of the storms and heavy rain, it was decided she would wait until Saturday, rather than release her into a waterlogged garden with no hope of finding dry nesting materials if she chose not to use the hog house provided for her.

Well ….. Layla had different ideas and on Thursday she gave birth to four hoglets while still in our care. Her weight gain had not been dramatic or enough to alert us to the possibility that she was pregnant, so it was a bit of a surprise! One of our volunteers – Rachel Broadley discovered the surprise babies during cage cleaning, so for the time being until we know what gender they all are, they are collectively known as “the four Rachels” ????

She will now stay with us for the news few weeks until her babies are weaned and can then go back to her original garden. Her babies however are likely to spend the winter with us, as it is unlikely they will gain enough weight to survive hibernation this year. They will be released in the spring next year back to their finder’s garden.

Congratulations to Jeanette Mitcheson on becoming a surprise hedgehog grandma and thank you for the box of celebratory chocolates!

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