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Wonderful mother

This is one of our recent intakes. She is an adult and her name is Kezia. She came to us recently from a veterinary practice after bring taken there by a member of the public. She had been badly strimmered across her shoulders, which can be seen by the light area on her back where the spikes are short. She had also suffered a head trauma, causing her to become blind.

The vet stabilised her for 48 hours before phoning to ask if we would be prepared to take on a blind hedgehog and of course we said yes. Ten days later she gave birth to 5 healthy hoglets, who are now almost three weeks old.

Kezia is a wonderful mother and although she can not return to the wild, her babies most certainly can be released to take her place once they are big enough. Kezia will go on to live out her days in an enclosed garden, but for now she is recovering from her injuries and making sure her babies are fed

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