Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Autumn hedgehogs

We, like many other rescues, are currently being inundated with hedgehogs that do not need to come into care, partly due to various spurious weights being published around the web.

Please do not grab every hedgehog you see out and about after October 1st unless the hedgehog is injured, sunbathing or otherwise immobile in daylight. Please put out food and water and leave it be.

If you have any concerns or uncertainties speak to a wildlife rescue IN YOUR AREA, they will know local conditions.

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  1. I have recent made a Hedgehog house in my garden, as normally don’t see Hogs here but one was in my garden towards the end of summer. They started using the house, then brought one baby round and to my surprise, when I thought a Hedgehog was stuck in the doorway , there was 4 babies and mum.

    Having seen them all in there, there is now only 3 youngsters and i haven’t seen mum for a few days or in the house. I did see one of the babies leave about 10am one day! there is a hole in my hence so the old nest could be next door or a few gardens over & there is a old driveway/alley runs along the back.

    I have seen one of the youngsters out in the garden & and am putting food and water out for them.

    Is it normal for mum to shoo them off now or move them to a new nest?


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