Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Over the last couple of weeks we have taken in several very small hoglets, some as young as 7-10 days old.

This tiny girl has been named Faith by her finder. She is around three weeks old and weighs just 92g. Her teeth are beginning to appear. Having been found out in daylight on her own, she was picked up, placed on a hot water bottle and rushed straight to us.

Time is critical when dealing with such tiny hoglets. If their core body temperature drops too far, they will die. At this age they are unable to create or maintain their own body heat very well and more often than not they die of cold, rather than illness or disease at this time of the year.

Faith is now in one of our ICU’s after having a feed of formula. She also a small dish of “slops” made from Royal Canin puppy weaning mouse mixed with formula, which was a messy affair, but she seemed to enjoy it.

She will overwinter with us and will return to her finder in the spring for release back to the wild.

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