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Elderly hog

This elderly female hog, weighing 686g, came in to us earlier today after being seen out in the middle of the day ferreting around the base of a bird table. She was very wobbly and moving slowly.

We could tell she was elderly from her colouring and the state of her teeth, which were absolutely covered in plaque and had caused her mouth and lips to be very sore.
I did a bit of a dental job on her and removed some very large bits of plaque, so she may be able to eat properly now. We’ll see what our vet says about having a full dental scale and polish done.

Her claws were also very long, so we have trimmed them too.

In the mean time, she has been given subcutaneous fluids and is warming up in one of our ICU’s.

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Dental work

This venerable old lady is back from the vets now, she has had a full dental job including scale and polish.

Her lips are still swollen, as you can see in the photos, and her mouth and gums will be sore for a day or two. She had very bad Gingivitis and plaque, which the vet has sorted for her now.

We need to monitor her food intake for a few days, and take her back to the vet if she is not eating properly in the next couple of days.

She has lost a lot of weight because her mouth has been too sore for her to eat, and needs some feeding up.

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Good friends

Another new entry this lunchtime, from our very good friends at Upton Vets.A young adult male hog, we have called Franklin, was taken in by a member of public after they found him on their lawn bleeding. The vets treated him for a bleeding foot, dehydration and wormed him.

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