Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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This little girl named Emmie came in to us this afternoon, after being found walking around in the middle of a busy road near Canford Heath.

Weighing in at just 245g, it is remarkable how she has survived the recent heavy frosts and cold rains, so it is likely she has been kept warm with her mother in a nest up until now. Had she been on her own, she would more than likely have succumbed to the cold before now.

Her finder kept her warm until she could bring her to us, which is essential with hoglets. Since arriving she has undergone a full health check and has tucked into a hearty meal of kitten meat, leaving her dish completely clean!

She will spend the rest of the cold months with us and will be released into a new area away from busy roads when the spring arrives. Usually we release hedgehogs back to their original area, but since Emmie was not found close to any gardens, we will find her a safe release site.


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