Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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A re-entry today, Captain Tom, who was released back in June. He was found a short distance from where he had been released in Lytchett Matravers.

Ha had been microchipped prior to release, which is how we are able to tell which hog it is.

He has been shut in a garage for an unknown period of time, and was found inside a sack of bird seed.

He is fairly dehydrated, but otherwise appears fine. He has had subcutaneous fluids and is now in a crate with food and water. Hopefully he will be non the worse for his experience, and will be able to be released once he has put a bit of weight back on.

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This poor old fella came to us Friday afternoon, he was found wandering around in circles.

Upon examination, we found that both his eyes are missing, with small wounds around the area, which suggests that birds have pecked his eyes out .

He does have a respiratory infection, which could explain why he would have been out in daytime and was able to be attacked.

Hogs like this cause us ethical and moral issues – do we keep him alive to live in permanent captivity, all be it in an enclosed garden, or do we have him put to sleep.

We’ll have to sleep on this one, poor bugger.

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Infected wounds and fly strike

Bit of a nasty one this.

We had a juvenile male hog dropped off this afternoon, following a call asking if we could take it. We were told that it was in a bad way with a head wound, dehydrated, had flies all over it and smelled.

He had been found yesterday, but not handed in until today. At this time of year, it takes approx 4 hours from flies eggs being laid until the maggots hatch. If we’d had this chap yesterday we could have saved him a lot of pain and discomfort.

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