Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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We’ve had a bit of a busy time over the last few days, 12 hedgehogs released back to the wild and 10 new entries.

This is Marmalade, a female juvenile hog weighing 425g that came in today. She was found laying out on a public path near Upton rec. she is in poor general condition and was quite cold and dehydrated. She also has a heavy mite infestation, with some infected patches caused by the mites.

She was given warm subcutaneous fluids and some drops to kill the mites. She is in an ICU to warm up, and will be given a germicidal bath tomorrow (if she is well enough) to help rid her of the mites.

She also appears to have a deformed rear foot, but we will check that out when he condition has stabilised.

Hopefully she will warm up and eat some food overnight.

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