Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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A busy morning

Yet another busy day today, with workmen in making some repairs to one of the sheds, but only one new intake.

During the morning cleaning routine we took a call from Twin Sails Infant School at Hamworthy. While clearing a play area, the staff had accidentally disturbed a hibernating hedgehog in it’s nest. The nest was in a pile of dry leaves behind an outdoor storage cupboard.

As he could not remain in situ in the playground, it was thought best to remove him, so Tracy collected the hedgehog soon afterwards.

As it is appears to be coming out of hibernation, we have not disturbed it by unrolling it, so we don’t yet know whether it is male or female. It will probably be fully awake with 24 to 48 hours. It can take up to five days to fully awaken from hibernation. It’s not a normal “sleep” where they can wake up instantly.

It weighs 670g, so not too big, but since the worst weather is now behind us (we hope!), it should be fine at this weight. Once it fully wakes up, we will give it a health check and organise it’s release.

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