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Kitkat Released

This is Kitkat who was released back to the wild yesterday evening by Carolyn and her daughter. They had found her laying out on the grass one evening while taking a walk.

She came to us in early November as a hoglet of just 305g. She had suffered a dramatic head trauma, which appeared to be a bite across the top of her skull.

Her skull was exposed, left ear torn, the right eye had burst and the left eye was completely full of blood. She had bite marks through her tongue caused by her own teeth, as well as various cuts, puncture wounds and grazes. She was in a very bad way.

She was rushed to the out of hours emergency vet, where an xray confirmed her skull was intact, so we took her home and her road to recovery began.

Over the course of the next week, the blood in her left eye gradually drained away and thankfully she had not lost the sight in that eye. Her skin healed very well and six weeks later she went out to foster with Tracey for the winter.

Kitkat returned from foster a couple of days ago weighing just over one kilo, lovely and healthy and fit to go back to the wild. She had a full health check and a microchip implanted on the day of her release and off she went.

Stay safe out there Kitkat. It was a pleasure seeing you recover so well!

Thanks to Carolyn Corr for this photo of Kitkat.

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