Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Marley’s Visit

Although we get lots of requests for people to visit our rescue, we normally do not allow it. It would be far too stressful for the hedgehogs, many of whom are sick or injured.

However, in view of his sterling efforts to collect litter a few days ago, we invited Marley and his mum Sonja in to see the work we are doing.

Very quietly he had a look around in one of the sheds and asked lots of questions and told us about the wildlife he has seen in his garden.

As a special treat before he left he was able to hold everyone’s favourite – Leslie, which he was very happy to do.

Thanks again for cleaning up our local environment Marley. I’m sure the wildlife are very grateful, as well as other people and for raising in excess of £1,500 !! Absolutely amazing.

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