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Very Poorly Hog

Another very poorly hog in this afternoon after being found out during daytime. This elderly female hog, weighing 824g, has a huge mite infestation, is very lethargic and despite her weight looks emaciated with lots of loose skin. She also has a nasty injury to her left eye, which is possibly from trying to scratch away the mites with her over long claws.

We strongly suspect that this hog has been kept in captivity as she shows no signs of being scared of humans, and her claws are massively overlong and curled around – these would have worn down naturally in the wild, which leads us to believe she has been kept in a hutch or cage.

We have clipped her claws, given her subcutaneous fluids and she has had a bath in insecticidal shampoo to help remove the mites. She has had her eye wound treated, and it has a special gel on to help keep out infection and aid healing.

She is currently in one of our ICU’s resting and warming up.

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