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Leg pinned

We had a hog brought in to us the other day after it was seen on a wildlife camera dragging one of its hind legs. He had a healed wound over what must have been a compound fracture (where a bone breaks and punctures out of the skin) and an obvious deformity.

He was taken to Upton vets yesterday to see what could be done for him. After examination, the vet said that he would attempt to pin the leg today.

It was a difficult operation as the bone had already started re-growing, but fingers crossed this little one will be ok. It also has a dislocated hip, which you can see in the x-rays, this an old dislocation, and it cannot be manipulated back in place as it has already started growth. Hogs generally get on quite well in this case, so we will see how he manages to get around after the break has healed.

The hog is staying with the vet tonight, and may come back to us tomorrow.

Below are the before and after x-rays, and a photo of the pin being placed into the bone, courtesy of one of the vet nurses, Emily.

As ever, our grateful thanks to the wonderful team at Upton vets.

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