Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Leave it to the pro’s

Please do not ever try to ‘have a go’ at looking after sick or injured hogs yourself. This female hog came to us this morning, having been found last October and kept over winter by the finder.

As you can see, she is in terrible condition. No poo samples had been checked and she has lost 50% of her prickles due to a fungal skin infection. She is emaciated due to having a heavy internal parasite infestation, including lungworm – none of which she has been treated for.

This hog is very poorly, and may not survive.

We have had several hogs lately in similar situation and condition.

PLEASE always take injured or sick animals to a vet or a reputable rescue, where they will receive the treatment and care they need – simply putting them in a cage and feeding them every day is far from what is actually needed.

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