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5 Simple Ways to Help Hedgehogs

It’s hedgehog awareness week 2nd – 8th May, here are 5 simple ways you can help hedgehogs – help Britain’s favourite mammal by making your garden hedgehog friendly.

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  1. I live in Central France on a 4.5 acre plot ,surrounded by woodland and lakes /streams etc. I discovered a hedgehog was living in my house and eating the left over cat food at night time . The first night I saw him/her my startled cry sent him scuttling behind the fridge. But last night I managed to pick him up ,away from my curious cats and he is now in a cat carrier — with a plate of food of his own..
    I would like some advice please on where to relocate him safely — maybe the wood store which would allow him access to the orchard etc — or more sheltered in one of the barns . I would be happy to continue to feed him but perhaps he needs to be encouraged to seek out his own food?
    I would welcome your advice ,for I feel somewhat privileged that he chose to come inside and make himself comfortable.

  2. It would need to go somewhere where it has free access to get in and out – if the wood store is open it could go there as it will be able to feed on the bugs and grubs that are in the wood. It could live happily in the garden as long as there are shrubs/bushes or large plants that it could shelter under.

    Don’t worry about your cat, they are not usually a problem for hedgehogs, though they do sometimes take hoglets from a nest.

    Leaving a plate of cat food or kibble out would be great, and also a shallow dish of water – hedgehogs drink a surprising amount.

    Thank you for caring about the little hedgehog.

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