Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

Remember Peter?

Remember Peter, who had surgery to correct inguinal hernia Upton & Wareham Vets? He too has gone home today, fully recovered after a long rehabilitation.

Now the weather has cleared up, we have been concentrating on getting hogs released back to where they came from. We have been operating at close to capacity due to the poor weather preventing us from releasing.

Hopefully we’ll get the numbers down significantly now, we have already released some 162 hogs this year, and we still have 81 to go…

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Fly Strike

We had an emergency entry this afternoon, a hog had been trapped in netting in a garden. The finder spent 1.5 hours cutting it free and then gave us a call for help.

Tracy collected the hog, and phoned me whilst on the way home to get fluids and fly strike cleaning kit out.

The hog is in a bad way, massively dehydrated and has constriction wounds, plus a deep wound all under her neck, which is infected and full of fly strike.

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Little Pikachu, in his incubator, pretending to be shy. He is not taking very much formula now, preferring to eat the Hills a/d and formula mix, and first stage kitten biscuits.

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