Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

Temporarily closed

Due to the number of hoglets we are hand rearing we have decided to close to new entries for a while.

We currently have 72 adults and 36 orphan hoglets that are in varying stages of development, some weaning and about half being hand fed. This is a 24 hour, round the clock operation with feeds every 2 – 4 hours depending upon the age of the hoglets.

This is very time intensive and we are now at the limit of being able to cope, as well as not having any space left to put new entries. We have just purchased another incubator, bringing us up to eleven, and every one of them has multiple occupants.

To find other local rescues, please visit helpwildlife.co.uk who maintain a national list of rescues which is searchable by postcode, town etc.

The BHPS offer advice to those with sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs and maintains a list of rescues in the UK. Please call them on 01584 890801 for further advice and the contact details for other local rescues.

There is plenty of helpful information and FAQ’s on our website at hamworthyhedgehogrescue.org.uk

Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Hello

    I have towels and fleece blankets if any use to you? Also puppy pads and 1 pack of puppy food.
    I’m happy to doorstep drop if you would like the items.
    Many Thanks

  2. Hello, i was on your list for rehoming any hogs that needed a release from your sick-bay ..last year.
    In fact we released one for you.
    The garden was checked, and we have a hog house.
    We have 2 hogs visiting us every night for food, so I was wondering if you want my address again for releasing anymore, I realize you are busy ,but I have a car to pick them up… I live in 14 meadows drive , Upton, so just up the road from you

  3. Please contact me when you are looking for more sites I believe our garden next to a two acre wild area in wick Christchurch would be an ideal site although we do have foxes breeding in the area if that is an issue but lots of trees and ground cover

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