and another

and another

No sooner finished one hog with fly strike, and another comes in.

This one was brought to us from Blandford, having been found trapped in plastic. The finder cut the hog free and brought it straight to us.

This poor hogs ears were packed solid with flies eggs, and it has a garrote type wound about its neck that was also covered in eggs.

I sprayed it with the magic anti-fly strike spray, and started picking the eggs out of the hogs ears and from its neck wound. This one seemed never ending, especially getting the eggs out from the ears, and the hog was not very compliant either which made the job harder.

Again, this hog has had Hartmanns subcutaneously, antibiotic and pain relief injections, and is now on a heat pad (all the ICU’s are full) to start its recovery.

I HATE flies, nasty, dirty things.

Ark Wildlife

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