Some good news about the four hoglets that came in late yesterday evening after mum had been AWOL all day.

Mum turned up, some 28 hours after she left them, and returned to the nest. She was quickly brought in, and reunited with her hoglets.

She was very reluctant to let them feed for quite some time, but they persisted and she relented. She is now happily nursing them, which is great.

They will remain with us in a nursing box now until they are big enough to leave mum.

I love a happy ending

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    I have been looking after 4 babyhedgehogs since November and they have doubled in size could you please give be advice how to rehabilitate then when I release them in the spring

      Depending upon their weight and condition, they could be released when we have a dry spell. They will lose weight when first released, so will need to be heavier than they would be if released in the summer. We’re not releasing any at the moment due to the weather, they would struggle to find a dry nesting site and there is a lack of food still.

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