Large Splinters in Hoggie's Mouth

Large Splinters in Hoggie's Mouth

This 300g female hoglet came in to us this evening after being found laying on the patio outside the finders back door. She was very thin and dehydrated.

On examination, we noticed that she had ‘that’ smell about her. She was a little bugger to unroll, so she had to be forced open as we needed to check the source of the smell.

We noticed her mouth had what appeared to be encrusted pus around it, so we opened her mouth to find a large slither of wood and splinters embedded into the roof of her mouth, and a lot of infection.

When we pulled the splinters out, lots of pus came out of the roof of her mouth along with a tooth, which was cleaned up, and the wound was flushed with sterile saline solution.

She has had subcutaneous fluids, pain relief and antibiotic injections. She is now in an incubator warming up, and has food and water available.

Hopefully she will be able to eat, and will make a good recovery.

No pictures of the splinters in situ, as we wanted to get it out and clean the wound up without causing any further stress.

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