No floor yet...

No floor yet...

With 4mm of water on the floor of the shed I still can’t do anything with the flooring yet.

I have finished painting the inside of the shed, and have started on the electrics.

Consumer unit (fuse box) is in, with 6mm Steel Wire Armoured cable going back to the house. Every circuit is protected by it’s own RCBO for safety.

There will be 2 x 6ft LED strip lights and 8 double sockets fitted to make sure we have plenty of outlets to use.

Once we get a dry spell, I will take all the timber for the floor outside so that I can lay a damp proof membrane to stop the floor joists standing in water, which would rot them pretty quickly, even though they are tanalised. The floor boards are going to be treated with a clear timber preservative before they are laid as an extra protection.

The actual build of the shed went very quickly, but the fitting out is taking it’s time, it’s very frustrating as the weather is really holding me back.

Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey, as they say.

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