The Cost of Caring for Hedgehogs

The average cost to rehabilitate and release an overwintering hedgehog is £150 per animal, roughly. Given that we overwintered upwards of 140 hedgehogs for the winter of 2020 – 2021, well, you can imagine how quickly costs mount up.

The table below gives a list of some of the more common items and the prices.

  • To give life saving first aid treatment to one hedgehog
  • To administer a course of antibiotics to one hedgehog
  • To feed a hedgehog during an average 12 week stay
  • To wash and disinfect one hedgehog's food bowl & bedding
  • To buy feeding equipment to feed orphaned hoglets
  • To provide life saving laboratory diagnostic test results
  • To hand rear one baby hedgehog
  • To keep one hedgehog in the Hospital for the whole winter - to prevent it from hibernating (which could be dangerous if hedgehogs are underweight or injured)
  • To have a Vet operate on an injured hedgehog
  • To buy one intensive care unit (Brinsea TLC40 Advanced)
  • To provide a heated mat for sick/injured hogs that need to keep their body temperature up
  • Housing for one hedgehog (Zoozone Medium)