This little chap is Arthur. He came to us a few weeks ago with a distal femoral fracture to one of his hind legs, and weighed in at only 233g, so a very late Autumn hoglet. X-rays showed that he had Metabolic Bone Disease, for which he has been receiving...


Say hello to Tommy, our 600th hog of the year. Tommy came in from Blandford camp today after being found out in daytime weighing just 183g. He will have a faecal sample checked, then once any required treatment has been completed, will probably go out to foster for the winter.


Not so little Victoria is one of our hand reared litters from the autumn, somewhat different in size now than when we were syringe feeding her. All 4 of this litter survived, and will be released back to the wild in the spring.

2018 in Review

Earlier this year, Tracy and I chatted about how many hedgehogs we could accommodate over winter this year, and decided that we had room for no more than 25, and that as we had funded the operation 100% by ourselves (up until now), that was the maximum number we could...


Felicity came in via emergency vet recently. She weighed just 109g and was very poorly and almost died on two occasions, but now improving daily and eating much better so hopes are high for her to fully recover.


This autumn juvenile hog, who we named Blake, has been with us since 2nd November. He is being overwintered here as he is too small to hibernate.